In a historic moment the first ever portrait of a common human being was drawn by two artists using a common sparkler on a common sheet of paper. This procedure was named pyrography.
Timo Pikämö and Tobias Kipp have kept developing their unique technique ever since.
One pyrographic drawing takes on average 84 seconds and lasts a lifetime.
A world-wide unique phenomenon – thousands of sparks, one picture, a miracle.


Pyropainting is like Pyrography, but bigger, louder and even more sparks. On stage we draw large scale in about seven minutes, using bengalos and other pyrotechnics and accompanied by music.

SUPERSIZE (installation)

Supersize Pyrography will be drawn into existence on one or several evening. The size determines the time it takes, the motif can be anything. After completion the drawing can be cut into little pieces to be given away to the guests or the masterpiece can be displayed in a dry place for future generations.