How many drawings can one artist draw in an hour?
This very much depends on the kind of event and your guests. In a relaxed dining atmosphere each of us draws about 15 portraits per hour, while on a fair with people queueing up we max out at about 25 per hour. Don't forget that people watching and don't get a portrait themselves still participate in and experience the sparkling performance, therefore Pyrography achieves quite an impact on large scale events, too.
How much preparation time is needed?
The artist is ready to go inn about ten minutes after arriving at the location. To be on the safe side we show up about 30 minutes before.
How much space is needed?
Pyrography is a walk act and therefore does not require any reserved or larger areas.
Is it possible to draw in the open?
During wintertime drawing in the open can be challenging or impossible as the fingers need to be able to do their job without gloves. Rain tends to spoil the pictures, too. So, as long as the temperatures allow and we can work in a dry spot we are good to go.
How much light is needed?
In order to be able to draw a face we have to be able to see it clearly. Candle light and similarly dark areas are not sufficient, a few spotlights or normal lighting are all we need.
Do you have concise reasoning why my customer should consider booking Pyrography?
Yes, there are 9 fiery reasons!
1. Pyrography is a unique attraction, worldwide!
2. Within a four hour session we draw up to 120 portraits.
3. Your friends, customers, and guests take home a very personal reminder of your event: their own face.
4. No stage and no additional technical support necessary.
5. Due to our tour-tested and mobile equipment we are free to draw inside, outside, on fairs, festivals, and desert safaris, on water, land, and in air.
6. Each Pyrography is an original made by the hands of the inventors of this technique.
7. We can print your personal message to your guests on the drawing paper.
8. Pyrography is a most impressive action, personal contact to your guests, and a very special gift all in one package.
9. Pyrographers can be booked quickly and conveniently.


What motif will be sparked?
The choice is yours. Best suitable are organic or structural pictures with some detail that can still clearly be seen if the picture is made black-and-white only, no grayscale. Single objects without background, products and people, scenes and sceneries work well too. Logos and writing are less suitable, as for these exact borders and edges are crucial. Just send us a selection of motifs and we will give you our best advice.
What kind of submission is required?
We need one or a few photographs as a blueprint.
What size is the canvas?
Our standard drawing size measures 3 X 2 metres/yards. Drawing on a bigger or smaller scale may well be possible, however please contact us well in advance.
How much preparation time is necessary?
We need the motif at least four weeks before, so we can test it and adjust our timing and flame spitters; each performance is prepared scrutinously and will be a unique show. On the day of the show we need at least two hours preparation time to check positioning of and lighting on the canvas, technical and timing issues, et cetera.
Which fire protextion requirements are required?
Pyropainting relies on smokeless and smoke reduced pyrotechnics. The use of pyrotechnics is to be cleared by the local authorities. Both pyropainters are trained and licensed stage pyrotechnicians.

Large Scale Drawings

The four reasons to book large scale pyrography:
1. Pyropainting seems to be too quick and dirty? Pyroportraits seems to be too small for your intentions? Large scale pyrography combines the best of both worlds!
2. Large scale pyrography does not interrupt an extensive dinner with multiple starters, main courses and desserts, but can be performed discreetly in the background.
3. Large scale pyrography is a perfect eye catcher that develops over time and can bridge any gaps that might occur on an event.
4. The finished pyrography is a unique piece of art that will impress your guests in conference rooms, entrance halls, and sushi bars long after the event took place.
What motif can be burned?
Large scale pyrography excels in being able to burn a large scale of motifs. Industrial robots rich in details, medieval churches in picturesque landscape settings, supertanker, rodeo riding, and physicists' conventions are all subject to our sparks and sure enough we have drawn all of them already. Fiction and non-fiction can be drawn and combined in captivating large scale drawings.
How about the finished drawing?
After the drawing is completed it can be exhibited in the venue of your choice.
How does large scale pyrography fit into an event?
The time and way of drawing of a large scale pyrography depends entirely on your needs. We can work on the drawing nonstop or develop the drawing in short eruptive bursts. Naturally, the start is always something to catch all eyes, the ending can be quiet or spectacular using a variety of pyrotechnic material.